www.IAMLVienna2013.info is all about living the glittery life. After all, shouldn’t your whole life sparkle?

So this it. This is the spot.

This is where we will get sparkly.

Step 1: (Most Important!) Bling up your Android or iPhone.

After all, all the boys are going to be calling, so you have to make sure that your go to accessory looks good.


Simple. Get a shiny case. It attracts his eye to your hands. And of course, where you put your hands while putting in his number.

Step 2: Make sure your bracelets, necklaces, and – if possible – shoes match.

Step 3: Get your cell phone lookup apps. When rando’s start calling, you want to know who’s the hottie and who’s the nottie.

That’s it. Three simple steps to get your game on.